Linear Grain is licensed by the Canadian Grain Commission.

Linear Grain Inc. has two locations.  Our facilities in Carman, MB and Arborfield, SK are in the heart of highly productive farmland.  Our facilities have the capabilities of loading and unloading trucks and railcars as well as the ability to load containers.  We also have the ability to identity preserve commodities for our customers or segregate by quality factor to suite our customer's needs.

Our ability to load and unload multiple commodities simultaneously ensures that producers and truckers are in and out quickly.  We ensure that we always have space to take your grain when farmers want to deliver. By having many bin segregations, we are always interested in buying your product regardless of the quantity. Our staff and facility is ready when you are with no scheduled unload times or long unload numbers to remember. 

Our facilities use stainless steel conveyor belts as a means of conveyance with the ability to handle products as delicate as edible beans without damage.

Carman, MB Head Office and Facility.

Arborfield, SK facility